Sunday, August 24, 2008

Being Back

Things are funny again. This news is not as big as the news that Addis appears to be cancer free. She will have scans for 2 more years after which the oncologist feels that, for this type of cancer, the danger will be passed.

My field of vision narrowed remarkably back in April. I was spending 6-8 hours a day at the hospital for 2 weeks. I thought about Addis, my family and Addis some more. For the next couple months, there were a lot of doctor visits, unexpected trips to the hospital, and a stay with us when I learned to change an IV bag.

About a month ago, something struck me as funny. Then it struck me as a possible blog post. Then it struck me that blog posts had not struck me for quite some time. Now there's something called Getting Back Into It that I am trying to do.

I emailed a new friend. She had asked me for some advice on homeschooling. I told her what I had done which included the time I wrote down the wrong number of children on the How Many Children Are You Schooling section. My advice was to not do that. On that same sheet, I wrote down the wrong grade for one of the children I remembered I had. I also astutely advised to not do that either.

I call this a Category 3, possibly Category 4 Humility Storm. These storms are bad for my pride. They are good for my soul.

It's good to be back.